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The Zillertal Bike Challenge is member of the ÖRV (Austrian Cycling Federation) and is open to everyone, including UCI licensed riders!

Race categorie

King/Queen of the Mountain
3 days, 203,5 km, 9.180 m alt. difference, 0 cable cars
The ultimate challenge for the strongest riders in the mountains!

Prince/Princess of the Mountain
3 days, 162 km, 5.345
m alt. difference, 5 cable cars
The ideal race for the ambitious amateur mountain biker!
Lord/Lady of the Mountain

3 days, 120 km, 3.580
m alt. difference, 4 cable cars
Perfect for amateur mountain bikers for whom takiing part and having fun is the priority!

Rating categorie

Age groups:
For male and female all the mentioned categories the following age class categories are valid.

Age gropus
Licensed* and hobby riders

(U23-licensed* and hobby riders
hobby riders
all age groups
Elite Class
(riders with elite license)*
- -
19-22 years
(ag 1997-1994)
AC 1 Under 23s
(U23 riders with license)*
AC 1
23-29 years
(ag 1993-1987)
AC 1
30-39 years
(ag 1986-1977)
AC 2 AC 2 AC 2
40-49 years
(ag 1976-1967)
AC 3 AC 3 AC 3
50 years and older
(ag 1966 and older)
AC 4 AC 4 AC 4

*Riders with a Master Licence start in the category appropriate to their age group (only King/Queen categories). Licensed riders (Elite and Master) are authorised to start in the King/Queen category only, or, if they are U23, the Prince/Princess category.

Should there be any age group with fewer than five participants at the start, then they will all start in the next age group. The decision is subject to the race director in attendance at the time.

Team categorisation:
It is possible to enter a team in the King/Queen categories (except Elite), Prince/Princess and Lord/Lady. Each team is made up of at least five cyclists, who must all compete in the 1st stage. The team categorisation will only be established after the 3rd and final stage, and will be done so on the basis of the total times of the three fastest participants.
Should six or more team riders in the same category finish, then the time measurement system will automatically create a second group. A precondition for this is that the team must have been named during the online registration process (be sure to have a uniform spelling!).

Biggest team:
Special award for the team with the most registrations – in any race category, including cross-category

Prize Money:
€ 15,000.00 prize money for the first three of the categories King/Queen Elite and Prince/Princess U23. Additional the ZBC trophies and medals as well as unique material prizes for the top three in each category and age group.

Version: October 2015. By agreement with ÖRV.

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