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The Zillertal Bike Challenge is member of the ÖRV (Austrian Cycling Federation) and is open to everyone, including UCI licensed riders!

Race categorie

King/Queen of the Mountain
3 days. about. 200 km, about 10.000 hm. 0 cable railways.

Prince/Princess of the Mountain

3 days. about. 150 km, about 5.000 hm. 5 cable railways.
Lord/Lady of the Mountain

3 days. about. 100 km, about 3.000 hm. 4 cable railways.

Rating categorie

Age groups:
For male and female all the mentioned categories the following age class categories are valid.
Age gropus
King/Queen Prince/Princess Lord/Lady
all age groups
Elite Class* - -
1995-1992 AC 1 U23 age group AC 1
1991-1984 AC 1
1983-1974 AC 2 AC 2 AC 2
1973-1964 AC 3 AC 3 AC 3
1963 and older
AC 4 AC 4 AC 4
*licensed rider

Team Evaluation:
A team consits of minimum five riders within the same category, whatever male or female.

When starting in categories Prince/Princess or Lord/Lady the 3 fastest team riders will be evaluated as team. If six or more of the same team reach the finishing line, again the next three riders form a team. The requirement therefor is the declaration of the team name when registrating online (be aware of same spelling!).

Biggest Team:
The biggest team to enter receives a special prize, regardless of the specific racing category and also on an evaluation-spanning basis.

State: Zillertal Bike Challenge 2014. Subject to alteration!
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